Case Management Train-the-Trainer Follow Up Session



June 1


02:00 pm - 04:00 pm

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Vibrant Emotional Health formerly MHA-NYC - Youth Mental Health


Zoom workshop

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Case Management Roadmap Train-the-Trainer

Final Follow-up on Implementation and Reflection Session

June 1, 2020  2:00-4:00 p.m.


All Vibrant Training sessions for DYCD-funded program staff will be facilitated online using Zoom throughout the end of June.  We appreciate your patience with this process, as it is new technology for many of us.  


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After attending the session, you will receive a certificate of attendance via email along with the materials shared in the session within 72 hours.



Target Audience:

Members of the Train-the-Trainer series are supervisors, program directors, and trainers within DYCD-funded organizations who applied to take part in this series and attended the first full-day session on March 9, 2020.



Building the Roadmap to Effective Case Management Train-the-Trainer series is designed to build the capacity of directors, managers, supervisors, and social work staff to facilitate training for staff focused on DYCD’s case management standards. Train-the-Trainer participants will be trained to facilitate a 2-hour training focused on strength-based engagement strategies, the standards for written initial assessment, techniques and tools for collaborative goal-setting with clients, building client-centered service plans, and documenting progress and challenges of clients in their journey to achieving their goals. This material will be broken into small, digestible pieces that can be integrated into staff meetings or as a full staff training.


Participants will learn interactive ways to teach best practices for strength-based engagement with participants and standards for effectively documenting their journey toward goal achievement. The first full-day session of the series will focus on learning the training content, interactive activities, and facilitation techniques for implementing case management standards of practice as a regular addition to the professional development of staff members providing these services.

Train-the-Trainer Outcomes:

  • To solidly and concretely understand the standards for case management practices in DYCD-funded programs

  • To masterfully deliver training content focused on DYCD Case Management Standards for program staff

  • To implement case management training on-site to staff and evaluate staff’s understanding of content

  • To build the capacity of program staff to consistently implement best practices in case management through interaction with participants and effective written documentation

 Please contact Cristina Harris ( with any questions.