CIRCLES OF SUPPORT: Creating Culturally Responsive Family Engagement Programming



Virtual Workshop


New York City is more diverse than it has ever been. In this workshop, participants will explore strategies for developing authentic and positive relationships with families that promote equity, inclusiveness and culturally and linguistic responsiveness.

Learning Objectives: 

1. Understand the importance of engaging families in a culturally responsive manner; 

2. Develop strategies that affirm and celebrate families’ strengths, cultures, and languages; 

3. Build awareness of personal biases and the effect of those biases on mutual respect and trust between staff and families 

4. Identify opportunities for building positive and authentic relationships with families that are grounded in mutual respect and trust. 

Learning Goals

1. Gain an understanding of workshop goals 

2. Clarify expectations 

3. Begin a conversation around individuals’ personal culture 

4. Begin to understand others’ cultural backgrounds and perspectives

5. Understand the importance of culturally responsive FE

6. Understand the inaccuracies and hurtful impact of assumptions and  


7. Understand how stereotypes, stigmatize an entire group

8. Identify sources that perpetuate stereotypes