CRE Measuring & Using Outcomes Action Practice Cohort 2019-20



January 29 - 09:30 am


January 30 - 02:00 pm

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Community Resource Exchange Measuring and Using Outcomes


Community Resource Exchange

42 Broadway # 2000, New York, NY 10004

New York, NY, US, 10004

**NOTE: IT’s a DYCD requirement to register on Eventbrite for each cohort session.***

CRE Outcomes Action Learning Cohort: Measuring and Using Outcomes to Deepen Community Impact

This series of six interactive sessions over six months will provide participants with a firm grounding in the best practices, core competencies, and skills needed to measure and use outcomes for program planning and management. The anchor to this program is the use of peer learning groups as the platform for participants to test, refine, and receive real-time feedback on strategies and interventions used to address workplace challenges and issues.

This program will help you:

• Increase understanding of an outcomes-based approach to program planning and management
• Deepen self-awareness around your management practices, styles, and impact
• Enhance your toolbox of skills and strategies for measuring and using outcomes

The cost of the program per participant is $2,500 and is generously funded by DYCD and is offered at no cost to those who are accepted.

We look forward to seeing you at orientation on Thursday, October 31st at CRE!

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