CRE Webinar: Exploring Strategic Alliances and Mergers During Covid-19 – June 19, 2020


The economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis is already hitting nonprofit organizations very hard. The rapid contraction of the economy is squeezing organizations’ funding and threatening many nonprofits’ very existence. While an initial impulse may be to hunker down and protect our dwindling resources, what the situation may actually need is more collaboration–not competition–among nonprofits.

For some organizations, pursuing a merger may be a viable strategy to ensure that vital services to communities are preserved. This webinar will introduce to participants several “strategic alliance” and merger options, potential pros and cons of each, and a brief framework on how to explore different strategies.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Increased understanding of different strategic alliance and merger options

  • Shared understanding of pros and cons of mergers

  • Basic steps for exploring a potential merger

Who should apply? 

This webinar is recommended for executive director and senior leaders who may have the responsibility of exploring merger options for their organizations

If you need more information about this workshop, please write to

*The cost of the program is generously funded by DYCD and is offered at no cost to those who attend