DYCD Positive Youth Development & Youth Leadership Fall Cohort Open House



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DYCD Positive Youth Development & Youth Leadership Cohort Open House

The Youth Development Institute has a Technical Assistance grant from DYCD to provide training around both their Positive Youth Development and Youth Leadership Frameworks. This year we are offering a 10-session blended cohort that will look at integrating both Frameworks into program design. Following the completion of the 10 sessions, there will be 3 Workscope Labs held in late Winter/early Spring to help participants with program modifications and Workscope development. In addition, participants will receive approximately 10 hours of either on-site or phone consultation support. On-site support could include, program observation, line-staff training and strategic planning.

To inform organizational senior leaders we are hosting a Q & A Open House for organizations who might be interested in sending program staff.

Goals of the cohort are to:

  1. Provide participants with the opportunity to become fluid in the language of the Frameworks to be more successful during DYCD site visits.


  1. Provide participants with support around program modification and Workscope development to incorporate the language of both Frameworks


  1. Provide participants with effective strategies and support for implementing DYCD’s Positive Youth Development and Youth Leadership Frameworks into program practice


  1. Provide participants with effective strategies to engage line staff, participants, stakeholders and organization leadership in the implementing of DYCD’s Frameworks.

SACC Fulfilled:

(1)   Principles of childhood development

(3) Child day care program development

(4) Safety and security procedures, including communication between parents and staff

(5) Business record maintenance and management

*Note: Participants MUST attend all the sessions

            Breakfast will be served.