Foundations of Social and Emotional Learning (2-part ONLINE workshop)



Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility


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During these challenging times, the best way to support one another and your participants begins with understanding the foundations of social-emotional learning.  

Do you strive to create the healthy conditions for your students to learn? In this 2-part virtual workshop, after school staff  will deepen their understanding of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and why it is crucial for promoting positive development in children. Participants will engage in hands-on activities and collaborate in small groups to learn the foundational skills of SEL that can help guide their decision-making process and support their students and programs. Participants will gain skills that they can implement immediately in their programs to build connection and promote a positive sense of community for students to grow.  

Important Note: This workshop was previously titled “Fostering Healthy Fun Learning for Children with Social Emotional Learning (Grades K-5)” & “Supporting Middle School Students through Social and Emotional Learning (Grades 6-8)”

This workshop is for program directors, supervisors, activity specialists, and group leaders, offered on the following sets of dates. So that we can track attendance, participants MUST be registered and MUS register separately for each date they will be attending. 

Workshop Dates

All sessions are 9:30-12:30pm. The workshops will be conducted over Zoom. Attendance on both days is mandatory. We are offering this workshop throughout April and May.

  • Cohort 1: 3/30, 3/31

  • Cohort 24/1, 4/2

  • Cohort 3: 4/7, 4/8 

  • Cohort 4: 4/9, 4/10 

  • Cohort 5: 4/14, 4/15 

  • Cohort 6: 4/16, 4/17  

  • Cohort 7: 4/21, 4/22 

  • Cohort 8: 4/23, 4/24

  • Cohort 9: 4/27, 4/28

  • Cohort 10: 4/29, 4/30

  • Cohort 11: 5/4, 5/5

  • Cohort 12: 5/6, 5/7

  • Cohort 13: 5/12, 5/13

  • Cohort 14: 5/14, 5/15 

  • Cohort 15: 5/18, 5/19 

  • Cohort 16: 5/20, 5/21

  • Cohort 17: 5/26, 5/27

SACC: Participants will receive a certificate for 6 hours of training after the completion this workshop. 

This professional development opportunity is provided at no cost to you but has a value of $6,750 for DYCD. If you register for and are subsequently unable to attend this session you are responsible for cancelling your registration or risk being waitlisted for future events.