Implementing a Project Based Learning Experience (Part I)



Youth Development Institute Youth Leadership

Session 1: Engagement (90 minutes)

This online workshop introduces participants to the full scope and sequence of the SYEP Summer Bridge virtual program. Participants will receive a walk through of the summer model with a view of both the program as a whole and a deeper week to week dive to support implementation.

  • Project Scope & Sequence
  • Facilitator Role & Participation Expectations
  • The PBL Website (Part I)

To maximize your experience during the training we encourage people to participate using a tablet/laptop/desktop. However, we understand that technology limitations exist within households in this current situation. So join us in the way that best suits your capabilities in that moment.

Further, all of our sessions will be recorded for the purpose of creating a digital library for this initiative to support staff that could not attend the sessions. If you do not want to be recorded, you can keep your camera off during the session.

Once registered, participants will receive a Zoom link for the event.