TIPPS, When Helping Hurts: Understanding and Managing Vicarious Trauma



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Trauma-Informed Perspectives Practice Series (TIPPS)

When Helping Hurts:

Understanding and Managing Vicarious Trauma

May 13th, 2020  1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

All Vibrant Training sessions for DYCD-funded program staff will be facilitated online using Zoom throughout the end of May.  We appreciate your patience with this process, as it is new technology for many of us.  If interested in attending, register on EventBrite, and you will then receive the Zoom registration link for the session via email.


This session is typically a full 6-hour session focused on vicarious trauma for member of Vibrant’s Trauma Informed Perspectives Practice Series (TIPPS).  Due to the expanded capacity of virtual learning, we welcome those who have participated in previous TIPPS sessions to attend this session.


Do you work with people who have experienced trauma? Do you ever feel like it is taking a toll on you? Vicarious trauma, a common effect that results from empathic engagement with traumatized clients and their reports of traumatic experiences, impacts a wide range of individuals who assist trauma survivors. It can affect our feelings about the work and services to clients.  So how do you ensure that you are taking care of yourself when you feel effects of vicarious trauma?



No matter your role within the youth development field, your professional and personal lives are impacted through your service to trauma survivors. Bringing this out into the open is a key strategy for developing trauma-informed programs and supporting staff wellness. But how can you, as youth development professional start the discussion? This workshop will explore how to “open the door” to discussing vicarious trauma, and allow staff to choose to walk in.


This skill-building workshop will increase awareness of vicarious trauma and its signs and symptoms, introduce shared language on the impact of trauma, provide opportunity to connect with peers, and offer a framework for developing self-care and support plans to manage vicarious trauma.


What will you learn?

Participants will be able to:

1) Describe vicarious trauma, who it can impact, and what it looks like

2) Use shared language to discuss trauma and vicarious trauma

3)  Identify skills and tips to help manage vicarious trauma

Please contact Cristina Harris (charris@vibrant.orgwith any questions.