Transforming Your Organizational Culture : Multigenerational Staff


Managing Change: Transforming Your Organizational Culture to accommodate a Multi-generation and Multicultural Staff

We are in a changing workplace where not only do we have five different generations of people working in the same place, but we also have individuals from various ethnicities and races. Managing this workforce can be difficult and challenging as there are so many variables that must be considered, specifically around work and communication styles. Despite all these challenges, organizations must meet deadlines and outcomes, while ensuring they cultivate a learning and supportive environment that keeps staff committed and engaged. For organizations, the need to create a conducive institutional culture is key to sustaining staff and enhancing their commitment to the organization.

In this workshop, we will:

1. Explore what a multicultural and multi-generational workplace is

2. Explore strengths and challenges that can arise in these spaces

3. Discuss ways to assess the needs of your workplace

4. Identify the beginning steps to developing a strategy to address the needs of staff.

This Workshop is funded by DYCD and is open to only DYCD funded Programs.

This professional development opportunity is provided at no cost to you but has a value of $125 per person for DYCD. If you register for and are subsequently unable to attend this session you are responsible for cancelling your registration or risk being wait-listed for future events.