VIRTUAL: TIPPS 5: What Does a Trauma-Informed Program Look Like?



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Zoom Meeting

Spring 2020 Trauma-Informed Perspectives Practice Series 

TIPPS #5: What Does a Trauma Informed Program Look Like?

April 16th, 2020 10 am to 12 pm

Location: Zoom Meeting

Register here:–sqT8iDkCb6cxpMtiVtP2sobzBkQ


This is session #5 of the Trauma-Informed Perspectives Practice Series (TIPPS), typically open only to TIPPS cohort members.  However, due to the virtual environment, we are inviting DYCD-funded program directors, supervisors, and managers to join this session focused on how to build Trauma-Informed Programs.

Youth development programs are spaces for young people to enhance their academic performance, enjoy interesting activities, practice social skills, and have fun. Foundationally, these are spaces where young people need to feel SAFE, WELCOME, and KNOWN. For youth who have experienced trauma, it is crucial that the structure of the program takes into consideration traumatic histories and actively works to avoid re-traumatization.


This interactive workshop provides foundational understanding of trauma and its sources in youth, while also highlighting the impacts that unrecognized trauma may have on youth, staff, programs, and communities. Participants will learn key indicators of trauma-informed programs and will review an assessment tool that will support making programmatic changes to meet the needs of youth who may have experienced trauma.


Learning Objectives:


  • To learn to recognize and respond to the impacts of trauma within the program environment

  • To identify key domains and indicators for trauma-informed programming

  • To reflect and assess areas for improvement within your programs


Facilitated by: Lisa Furst, MSW, MPH and Cristina Harris, MSW


Please contact Cristina Harris ( with any questions.