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Alfred DIY Enrichment


Good afternoon: My name is Shinda Alfred. I am currently a teacher in New York and had have the pleasure in serving two of the Ascend Charter schools network with my  DIY Enrichment Program. I have provided a DIY (do it yourself After-school enrichment workshop) to two schools in the Ascned network for 5…(Read More)

http://L.W.H LDS LLC which is a health and wellness MWBE owned NY based company that handles; Work readiness, Recreational services, Life skills, Health and Education supports, Food and Nutrition, Community engagement, Case management and Capacity Building. L.W.H LDS LLC works with all walks of life, all levels of management and…(Read More)

Big Apple Leadership Academy for the Arts, Inc. provides traditional HBCU sytle (also called showstyle) marching band instruction to students in grades K to 12 as part of our after school program and our weekend marchng band program. Instruction is provided in 3 sections, auxiliary, horns and percussion. In auxiliary, students will learn HBCU style…(Read More)

The Village on Staten Island will offer A Chance In Life’s twist on the traditional Drop-in Youth Center. Elements of self-government will be incorporated into day-to-day activities, including youth-led teams. By specifically addressing the almost 20% of young people who are disconnected from school and employment, A Chance In…(Read More)

The Brooklyn Music and Leadership Institute is uniquely focused on providing and promoting excellence. Through the support of marching band activities, special events, concerts, fundraisers, healthy living initiatives, dialogue, and young leaders of tomorrow – immersive leadership programming. The Brooklyn Music & Leadership Institute is a band company. Operating like that of a Philharmonic Orchestra,…(Read More)

Vivid Health, LLC


Vivid Marketing Group, LLC d/b/a Vivid Health, is a Health, Wellness & Training Business specializing in the community and Corporate space.  We provide holistic wellness training and curated programs/initiatives…(Read More)

The Jersey Mann NYC Basketball Tournament INC  is a new Start up entity non-profit Basketball Tournament for the youth of NYC, the goal for this platform is to be used to influence the youth of NYC to stay out of gangs and crime, we want to someday have our games televise so the sponsors…(Read More)

Kuumba Health (KH) International Coaching Institute’s values-based mission is to foster the power of WE: Wellness and Equity. Our tele-coaching serves individuals from 1-4000. Our specializations include these 4 areas for individuals, couples, and teams: 1) Capacity Building and Technical Assistance 2) Mental Health Support tools and services: *Emotional Intelligence, Stress…(Read More)

Red Lotus Arts


Red Lotus Arts facilitate practical interactive artistic workshops and produce varied performances of wide-ranging artistic expression. As a private consultant and/or independent contractor we have activities for all ages servicing a multi-generational demographic of kindergarten through geriatric…(Read More)