Ramapo for Children

Ramapo for Children is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit organization that serves children with special needs and delivers highly-regarded training programs for people who work with youth.  At the heart of Ramapo for Children’s work is the conviction that all children seek the same things — to learn, feel valued, and experience success. Ramapo training empowers teachers, parents, and other youth-service professionals by equipping them with the practical tools they need to reduce difficult activity, foster positive behaviors and promote success.

Ramapo for Children employs a training staff of veteran teachers, principals and youth-service experts to conduct workshops and deliver on-site consultations. Teachers and community educators learn to exercise positive leadership, build caring environments, establish routines, coach social and emotional skills development and effectively intervene to de-escalate disturbing behavior.  Ramapo includes a follow-up component so that they can monitor the effective use of newly incorporated practices.

Services: Training, consulting, on-site coaching

Sample of Training Topics:

  • Encouraging positive behavior
  • Critical Incident Debriefing
  • Summer Camp Directors Series

Content areas: Managing Classroom Behavior, Conflict Mediation

Chantal Lowe
49 West 38th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10018
212-754-7003 ext 102


DYCD Capacity Building Unit Contact:
Derick Martinez, Capacity Building Specialist