The Youth Development Institute (YDI)

The Youth Development Institute (YDI) helps organizations that serve youth strengthen their practice and integrate their experience with theory and research.  YDI also works with researchers to integrate their findings with the experience of practitioners, thereby bringing the most promising research and practices into the youth development field.  Their aim is to allow young people to grow and develop through powerful, sustained, and joyful experiences. YDI provides technical assistance, disseminates information, develops policy, and conducts research to strengthen the quality and increase the availability of positive opportunities for young people.

YDI partners with community organizations, schools, colleges, policy makers, funders, and others to create programs  and develop policies that encourage and enable young people to transition successfully to adulthood.

Services: Program planning and development, training, and partnership development

Sample of Training Topics:

  • Advancing Youth Development
  • Foundations of Youth Development
  • Supervising Youth Development Practice

Content areas: Youth Development, Youth Leadership


Sabrina Evans-Ellis, Executive Director

121 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Floor
New York, NY  10013

DYCD Capacity Building Unit Contacts:
Derick Martinez, Capacity Building Specialist