Community Resource Exchange

Community Resource Exchange (CRE) helps nonprofit leaders build sustainable, effective organizations by providing strategic advice and technical services.  It is a nonprofit management consulting firm that works to strengthen some 300 community based organizations every year and enables them to effectively fight poverty and advance social justice.

Services: Capacity building as delivered by CRE does not look or feel like typical management consulting. CRE recognizes that an organization’s size, age, and complexity influence their management and leadership needs and challenges. They also acknowledge that an organization’s leadership, internal dynamics, and assets will inform CRE’s approach in establishing a productive engagement. CRE executes its mission through one-to-one consulting and professional development.

Sample Training Topics:

  • Strategies for Successful Supervision
  • Innovation Bootcamp
  • The Collaborative Leader

Content Areas: Organization Development, Mergers and organizational restructuring, Board development, Fundraising, Strategic Partnerships, Measuring and Using Outcomes

Karen Erdos, Chief Operating Officer

Community Resource Exchange
42 Broadway, 20th Floor
New York, NY 10004

DYCD Capacity Building Unit Contacts:
Deborah Taylor, Senior Planner, Capacity Building