Fiscal Management Associates

Fiscal Management Associates, LLC (FMA) aims to help nonprofits build fiscal strength.  Their work with nonprofits and foundations is focused on providing the tailored assistance the client organization needs to develop its capacity to fulfill their mission more effectively and efficiently. Their dedicated team of professionals serves nonprofit organizations, wherever they are on the organization development continuum, from start-up to legacy.

Services: FMA delivers technical assistance in two areas consulting and training.  Consulting services help maximize the effectiveness of leadership decision-making by providing the right financial advice, guidance and tools to address challenges.  Training gives leaders the flexibility to equip staff with expertise and certification or customize knowledge transfer for a whole organization.

Sample of Training Topics:

  • Scenario Planning and Decision-Making in the Current Economic Climate
  • Fiduciary Responsibilities and Financial Management Duties of a Nonprofit Board of Directors
  • Nonprofit Accountability and Transparency: How the IRS Form 990 Impacts a Nonprofit’s Public Profile

Content Areas: Fiscal Management

Stuart Cohen, Principal

440 Park Avenue South,3rd Floor
New York, NY 10016
New York | Chicago

DYCD Capacity Building Unit Contact:
Miguel Santana, Capacity Building Specialist