Subcontractor FAQ

What is PIP?

PIP is a self-service site that allows vendors and subcontractors to manage their own contact information, view financial transactions with the City of New York, record subcontractors and payments and much more.

How do I create an account with PIP?

You may visit the PIP website by going to There you will find information on how to create and maintain your account along with video tutorials and other helpful resources.

Why do I need to enter my Subcontractor information into the Payee Information Portal (PIP)?

As of March 2013, the City implemented the new web based subcontractor reporting system through PIP for all Prime vendors in an effort to streamline the process and provide more transparency for vendors, agencies and the public.  The on-line reporting system will eliminate much of the paper process, automatically report M/WBE spending, and allow the City and its vendors to review and update information on a real-time basis

What if I decide not to use the PIP system to record my Subcontractors?

Under PPB Rule § 4-13, you are required to list the subcontractor in the PIP system.  You will be required to report in the system the payments made to each subcontractor within 30 days of making the payment. If any of the required information changes throughout the term of the contract, you will be required to revise the information in the system. Failure to list a subcontractor and/or to report subcontractor payments in a timely fashion may result in the Agency declaring you in default and you may be subject to liquidated damages in the amount of $100 per day for each day you fail to identify a subcontractor

What information do I need prior to adding a subcontractor to a contract?

You will need:

  • the subcontractor’s name
  • the description of the work they will perform
  • the start and end dates of the subcontract; and
  • the subcontract maximum dollar amount.

To create a subcontract, your subcontractor needs an FMS Vendor Number, which can be obtained by having your subcontractor complete the PIP Activation process.  An activation guide can be found using the following link:

What do I need to submit to DYCD for my Subcontractor to be approved?
Three original Subcontractor agreements along with the Subcontractor approval form and applicable VENDEX forms and/or reference letters.  Once approved, DYCD will forward an executed original Subcontractor agreement to you for your records along with applying the approval in PIP so that recording of payments may begin.

What if I need assistance completing my subcontractor reporting in PIP?

For assistance with the Subcontractor Reporting website, the PIP helpdesk can be reached at (212) 857 – 1777 or via e-mail at .