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Capacity Building and Technical Assistance


Organizational Level Resources, Program Level Resources
Type of Service: Program-specific technical assistance
Kuumba Health (KH) International Coaching Institute’s values-based mission is to foster the power of WE: Wellness and Equity.
Our tele-coaching serves individuals from 1-4000. Our specializations include these 4 areas for individuals, couples, and teams:
1) Capacity Building and Technical Assistance
2) Mental Health Support tools and services:
*Emotional Intelligence, Stress Reduction, Personal Growth, Work/Life Balance, and Well-being
3) Diversity: Equity, and Inclusion:
*Government regulatory compliance: Inclusive, Blue Culture, Anti-racist and harassment-free environment, Title compliance.
4) Start-Up Business Development Coaching:
*Wealth and Wellness Strategy Development
5) Relationship Development:
*Intimacy, Team, Productivity, and Focus Development
41 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn NY 11201
Suite 136
(929) 277-2550
Target Audiences:
Adults 25 and Older, Older Youth 16–24

Certifications: MWBE