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East Coast Ocean of Soul Marching Band


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The Brooklyn Music and Leadership Institute is uniquely focused on providing and promoting excellence. Through the support of marching band activities, special events, concerts, fundraisers, healthy living initiatives, dialogue, and young leaders of tomorrow – immersive leadership programming.

The Brooklyn Music & Leadership Institute is a band company. Operating like that of a Philharmonic Orchestra, it is our mission to give back to the black and minority communities in the form of competitive, structured ensembles which are built around the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts.

The Brooklyn Music & Leadership Institute operates as a magnet at several school sites in Brooklyn, New York. Various prerequisites have been identified to prepare students for the rigors of the academic programs that we partner with, along with the programming of the Institute. We are a small, efficient non-profit organization. Our focus is on providing the highest quality experience to our participants and their parents. To accomplish the goals that we have set to attain in music and corporate immersion.

Our programs have performed on stage at some the city’s most prestigious venues. From Cipriani at Times Square to Madison Square Garden, Manhattan Center, to the US Open, Good Morning America and all of New York City’s major parades.


1700 Fulton Street
3rd Floor
(929) 344-2864