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Organizational Level Resources, Program Level Resources
Type of Service: Program-specific technical assistance

Founded in 2016, Hand Over Hand LLC is an Educational Services company providing Staff Development Training, Parent Training, and Curriculum Training Materials. We also offer students services (Pre-K-12th Grades) in special education, social-emotional learning, and financial literacy.

We offer Digital Learning Instruction, Educational Consultation and In-Person instruction to individualize the needs of students such as tutoring, special education, assessment services, professional development, parent/guardian training, and after school services for student’s Pre-K through 12th Grades, including gifted learners, children with disabilities, and English Language Learners. Subjects covered include, but are not limited to, reading, math, social studies, science, writing and Social Emotional Learning through Project Based Learning.

• Prequalified Vendor on HHS Accelerator

85 Broad Street New York, NY 10004
16th-18th Floor
(718) 863-1033