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Irondale Ensemble Project


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Irondale Ensemble Project is a 34-year-old off-Broadway theatre company based in the Downtown Brooklyn Cultural District. Ensemble members are professional actors who also educate students in and out of our state of the art theatre. Education programs are custom designed based on the school’s unique needs, which may include: building confidence, literacy skills, career and college readiness, and community engagement. Offerings have included: leadership, civic action and global citizenship, STEAM, theatrical design, drama, and Shakespeare programs. STEM to STEAM uses improvisation and ensemble-building techniques to help students make meaning of their research and prepare them for presentations. Irondale currently has 14 science-based cultural partners around the city. Programs include FLL robotics teams, high school research projects, and science educator professional development. In Pursuit of Freedom, a collaboration between Brooklyn Historical Society, Irondale Ensemble and Weeksville Heritage Center, is the first public history project to explore abolition and the anti-slavery movement in Brooklyn. More information: Using the techniques of improvisation and musical theatre that Irondale used to create its exciting musical theatre work, ?Color Between the Lines?, students will learn how to use primary sources from history and turn them into improvisations, musical pieces and original scripts. Irondale?s recent work with the NYPD using improvisation to build better relationships with the community, To Protect, Serve, and Understand can also serve as a empathy building and civic engagement program for students. Irondale Ensemble Project: Theatre for the common good.

85 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

(718) 488-9233