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Living Above Disorder Consulting


Organizational Level Resources, Program Level Resources
Type of Service: General nonprofit management

We believe and are passionate about unlocking the autonomous potential for success that exists in each and every individual.  It is our mission to  facilitate the alignment between this potential and organizational vision.

Living Above Disorder uses a behavior based approach to guide our work in  assessment, personal and professional development; coaching; systems development; and workforce training.

Our Services include:

* Strategic Planning & Visioning

* Program & Policy Development/Review

* Professional Development Workforce Training & Coaching

* Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA) 360 Suite   (Assessment)

* Personal Directions (PD) & Individual Directions Inventory (IDI) (Assessment)

* Leadership Development & Managerial Coaching

* Parent Training & Family Planning

* Youth leadership programming

* Academic support and planning


(646) 481-6570
Target Audiences:
Adults 25 and Older, Elementary, Families, Middle, Vulnerable Youth

Certifications: MWBE