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Okonta Solutions, Inc.


Program Level Resources
Type of Service:


  1. Learning/Training and Development for Large and Small Businesses – oversee staff and plan, train, direct and coordinate programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of an organization’s employees.
  2. Executive Coaching for Top Managers and High Potential Employees – assist professionals in the workplace to facilitate improvements in their performance; aid organizational changes which involves a recently promoted executive, manager or employee to help them adapt to their newly assigned roles effectively.
  3. Career/Job Coaching, Planning and Counseling for Women – counsel and guide clients (divorcees, widows, housewives entering the workforce, career transition and re-entry candidates; specifically, 1st time offenders only) by using a series of activities and processes intended for managing one’s career goals and aspirations. Career Development is a life-long progression of managing learning, work, leisure and transitions that’s designed to move towards a personally satisfying and evolving future.
  4. Professional Development for Teachers (Teacher Trainer) -instruction on the policies, procedures, and provision designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, attitudesbehaviors and skills required to perform expected tasks effectively in the classroomschool, and community.
  5. Curriculum Developer – highly trained educational professional devoted to creating instructional materials that teachers use in the classroom to facilitate student learning. I incorporate State and National Standards with my 25 years of experience as an astute educator, to develop and construct curricula that is designed with a student-centered approach to learning and assimilating keen information.
  6. Youth Leadership and Transition – produce effective youth programs that support social-emotional factors governing positive youth development and achievement. The “transition” element is a focused module that includes youths coming out of the juvenile and criminal justice system.  The written program’s intention is to help them gain the 8 important skills that are valuable in leadership, which in turn will have a lasting constructive impact on their lives: decision making, goal setting, problem solving, relationship-building, communicating, listening, and self-awareness.  Okonta Solutions integrates Positive Youth Development’s (PYD) 8 Key Factors and Experiences into the learning process.
  7. Family and Community Engagement – design strategies and implementation methods for family and community initiatives that include direct family outreach programming, support for school-based family outreach, coordination of partnerships, and parent leadership and advocacies.
  8. Specialize Language Coaching for International and ESL Clients – English for Business and English for Specific Purposes (EFB and ESP) – a specialization within English language learning and teaching or international English. It is designed for non-native English speakers who wish to study the subject with the goal of doing business with English-speaking countries, or with companies located outside the English-speaking world but uses English as a shared language (lingua franca). The objective is to reach a mutual agreement.  In such cases, the object of the training is efficient and effective communication.
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