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Portrait and Art photography


Organizational Level Resources
Type of Service: Marketing, public relations and communications

Chloe Pitterson creates high quality portraiture, commercial and fine art photographs. She is an expert at developing and executing creative photography shoots for clients. She is internationally published and her art work is collected internationally as well. Her process includes brainstorming, creative conceptualizing, collaborating and executing strong photographic works on creative projects for personal and marketing including advertising, campaign, social media and e-commerce. Chloe is amazing at working with teams and finding the right people – models, hair, makeup artists and stylists to stay within budget of the project. Furthermore, she is a vivid storyteller using photography to deliver high quality and aligned brand content.

View my portraits and commercial work:

View my art works:


Core Competencies:

– Photographic artwork for interior spaces

– Photographic artwork for public spaces

– Art Direction

– Vivid Storytelling through photography

– Portrait photography

– Commercial Photography for advertising, campaign, social media and e-commerce

– Culturally sensitive photography

– Location scouting




– Capable and knowledgeable about applying photographs to a variety of surfaces

– Printing and framing in different types of materials

– Brainstorming, creative conceptualization and art direction

– Efficient and flexible in the implementation of photographs

– Manage projects from conception through post-production to ensure quality and timely delivery

– Highly knowable in lighting

– 11 years of photography experience across industries

– Geographic footprint – NYC, NJ and the United States

641 ave of americas - FRNT 2
(862) 400-1294
Target Audiences:

Certifications: MWBE