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RPGA Studio offers creative solution to students that enforce cross curriculum learning and giving back to the community at the same time. Three core offerings to nonprofits throughout NYC: Creative Challenge in 3D design and printing: RPGA Studio trains DYCD affiliated nonprofit employees in cad design and 3D printing. Your employees then go back to your schools and work with their students over 16 weeks to design and fabricate objects based on a Challenge question delivered to schools across NYC. Students then bring their finished items to our event and compete for prizes. There is also an opportunity for students to share and teach the community. Learn more at cc3dp.org (ages- elementary and middle school) Underpass Art: RPGA studio works with nonprofits from 4-16 weeks to revitalize an underpass wall in their community. Students learn to harness the power of creativity and community to revitalize LIRR owned underpass walls. This program not only cleans up community spaces but forges community relationships between DYCD organizations and the communities in which they operate (ages elementary-high school) Art +Design +Tech training. We train DYCD nonprofit employees in CAD, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Lego Design and other tools so they can offer a variety of learning experiences to their students. (ages elementary-high school)

43-01 22nd Street, Queens, NY 11101
Suite 252
(718) 433-4659