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Shields Mas Learning Resources, Inc.


Organizational Level Resources
Type of Service: Fundraising
Our Mission:

To motivate, build and reinforce staff and management’s professional competencies with consulting, webinars and workshops.

Management Development:

·       Understanding the Role of a Supervisor

·       Managing Staff During Crisis

·       Finding & Developing Your Personal Leadership Style

·       Communications Skills Development (face-to-face & email)

·       Coaching

·       Motivating & Encouraging Staff

·       Delegating & Feedback Mechanisms

·       Conflict Resolution – Trust, Respect, Courtesy

Staff Development:

·       Time Management and Self-Motivation

·       Communicating Effectively with Confidence

·       Navigating Difficult Conversations

·       Working with Teams

·       Enhancing Writing Skills

·       Email Etiquette: Tips to make Your Message Stand Out

·       Customer Service – Managing the Customer

·       Strategic Thinking

·       Partnering with Your Supervisor

·       Getting Noticed – Standing Out

·       Career Advancement: How to Move up at Work

169 Ocean Ave., Northport, NY 11768

(631) 513-1011
Target Audiences:
Adults 25 and Older

Certifications: MWBE