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The Studio Museum in Harlem


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The Studio Museum in Harlem is the nexus for artists of African descent locally, nationally and internationally and for work that has been inspired and influenced by black culture. It is a site for the dynamic exchange of ideas about art and society. In addition to our engaging exhibitions and renowned Artist-in-Residence program, the Studio Museum offers an exciting range of programs and events designed to foster inquiry, promote dialogue and inspire people of all abilities and backgrounds. Whatever your age or interest, you’ll find that our programs offer a unique blend of perspectives and invite you to explore how contemporary art can ignite the imagination, engage the mind and reflect our human experience. The Museum provides learning opportunities for visitors of all ages. Group visits are available for all current exhibitions to ensure that individuals with a range interests and abilities can experience the Museum. Group Tours are available for students in grades Pre-K-12 in which museum educators engage students in interactive, inquiry-based tours, fostering critical and creative thinking skills by motivating students to participate in discussions about works on view. Pre-K-12 groups also have the option of scheduling a guided tour + workshop, in which students participate in a hands-on art-making workshop that emphasizes themes or techniques explored during the exhibition tour.

144 West 125th Street, New York, NY 10027

(212) 864-4500