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Urban Dance League, Inc.


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The Urban Dance League UDL is a professional sports league of organized street-dance competitions, classes, and showcases. The UDL presents professional dancing in the same arena as the professional sports and athletic world. Urban dance league is a program that equips students enhanced dance technique and builds upon strategic thinking as well as teamwork etiquette. The dancers will be trained by professionals and introduced to an atmosphere that requires them to train, think on their feet and use their classmates & peers? strengths while improving their weaknesses. Our athletes will be coached by Urban Dance League?s staff-articulating the proper formulas in movement, music and Hip-Hop dance technique, while motivating our athletes to strive and learn how to compete in dance competitions against each other- building sportsmanship, stamina and leadership skills. Urban Dance League will expand minds through dance and strengthen the essence of our athletes, whether they love to dance now or will continue on with it in their future. Through this unique program, they will be able to be ready for anything- physically, mentally and emotionally- while transcending the genre of dance as an athletic sport!

205 Albany Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213
Apt 8C
(347) 739-4084