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Women’s Empowerment Self Defense Academy


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Women’s Empowerment Self Defense Academy (W.E.S.D.A.) is a comprehensive, multicultural, 501(c)3, charitable, tax-emempt organization. Our primary focus is Empowerment, Prevention and Personal Safety and Self Defense. Wesda?s main focus is to empower women to prevent them from becoming victims or being re-victimized of domestic violence/IPV, rape and many other violent crimes committed against them. WESDA?s program is broken up into four segments: 1. Empowerment through education and self-awareness. 2. Prevention by giving the skills and tools and techniques necessary to keep women safe. 3. Personal Safety and awareness by bringing an awareness to all of the options and choices and how they can be best utilized. 4. Self Defense. SASSY Girls Rock ? Focuses on teen girls ages 13 to 21. Refer to the four segments of WESDA’s program; include Teen Dating Violence/IPV, awareness of healthy and un-healthy relationships and more. The four segments above are also in LGBTQ context. All LGBTQ workshops are conducted by an LGBTQ Professional. W.E.S.D.A. also provides: 1. BASK ? ?Be A Safe Kid? program teaches children (ages 4-12) how to be safe in every aspect. We focus on: Predator Awareness and Safety; Bullying and Verbal abuse; Physical Self-defense. 2. SLINK ? ?Seniors Let In-House Neighbors Know” when you come and go; self-defense for Seniors. 3. MARTIAL ARTS ?Fuji Ryu Jujitsu? ? For Men, Women and Children, ages 3 and up.

2132 E. Tremont Ave, Bronx, NY 10462

(347) 575-8277